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Shock absorbers stroke an average of 2,800 cycles per kilometre and over time start to wear. When one shock absorber is worn or damaged it is recommended to replace both sides to maintain consistent performance and to prevent premature wear. 

The new shock absorber has not experienced any internal wear, pairing it with an old shocker could create uneven damping characteristics and cause the new shock to wear much faster than expected, due to the replacement shocker having to work harder to compensate for the wear of the old shocker.

The shock absorbers have a direct impact on several key areas of vehicle performance, such as stopping distance, steering response, handling and the ability of the tyres to maintain contact with the road surfaces.

Worn and damaged shocker absorbers have a significant impact on driver comfort and safety, causing vehicles to excessively bounce and sway, adversely affecting steering response along with causing increased stopping distances.

So, if you have any of these symptoms then we would advise to get your shockers checked. 

Don't wait until it's too late, come into ATIC Mechanical today and get those shockers checked.


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