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The truth about new car servicing

Do you have to get your new car serviced at an authorised dealership to keep your manufactures warranty intact?

The answer is NO you are legally entitled to shop around for the best servicing deal without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty but be aware the rules are different if you have taken out extended warranties.

A number of the dealers we spoke to said cars needed to be serviced at the dealer the whole time in order to keep the extended warranty. The ACCC guidance says that extended warranties usually kick in at the completion of the manufacturer's warranty. "A common requirement of these warranties is that the vehicle must be serviced by the dealer offering the warranty. Imposing this requirement on the owner is permissible," the ACCC says in its guidance.

There is NO requirement to service your car at a manufacturer’s dealership to preserve your warranty, but it is important to follow the following to avoid issues should you have a warranty claim:

1.    Service your car in line with the logbook schedule and specifications in the owner’s manual or warranty logbook.

2.    Request that quality parts are used for servicing the parts do not have to be genuine to keep the warranty intact.

3.    Make sure the invoice is itemised and shows the labour conducted and the parts installed.

4.    Check that the logbook has been filled in and stamped.

So next time you need to get your new car serviced why not bring it into ATIC Mechanical and support a local Territorian company.


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